Jackie Bonet
Gender: Female
Occupation: Celebrity
Portrayer: Daniella Monet
Jackie Bonet is a fake celebrity portrayed by Daniella Monet as Trina Vega in an episode of Victorious. Her first and only appearance is in Wok Star. Her bodyguard is portrayed by André. Tori convinces Trina to help her stall Mrs. Lee so the audience won't see her version of Jade's play, which was a disaster. Mrs. Lee loves to take pictures with the celebrities who visit her restaurant. After refusing to take the photo until she's finished with her dinner and eating with exaggerated slowness (to keep Mrs. Lee from getting to the play), Mrs. Lee grows impatient with her, so to stall her further "Jackie" (Trina) fakes heart palpitations, which only results in Mrs. Lee snapping a picture of them together and then fleeing. She then tells one of the restaurant's waiters to drag Jackie's body out back and say nothing. It is hinted on TheSlap that Jackie's true identity was later revealed.


  • Since Trina is known for being quite selfish and an enemy of Jade, it is possible that Jade/or Tori pushed Trina into portraying Jackie.
  • Jackie's last name is a parody of Daniella Monet's last name. (Bonet/Monet)