Gender: Female
Age: 16
Born: 1996
Occupation: Student
Portrayer: Daniella Monet (voice only)
Mitzi was and is a school rival and neighbor of Bloom in Gardenia. Socially ambitious to a fault, she spent the larger portion of her life trying to be the most popular girl at Gardenia, often annoying others through her incessant boasting. Mitzi comes from a wealthy family and expects to get anything she wants.

Daniella Monet voiced her in the hit animated series for children, Winx Club.

Season 1Edit

Mitzi appears in the first episode of Season 1. She is a school rival, and a neighbor to Bloom in Gardenia. Bloom is very annoyed by her self-imposed sense of overall superiority.

Season 2Edit

She is seen again in Season 2. She invites Bloom and the Winx Club to her Halloween Party with the intention of playing a prank on the Winx Club, though her attempt backfires, thanks to the Pixies.

Season 3Edit

Mitzi does not appear in Season 3.

Season 4Edit

Mitzi is seen considerably more in Season 4. She is shocked (and possibly envious) to find that Bloom is running a successful business, Love and Pet.

When Mitzi adopts a pet from Love and Pet, she is unaware that The Wizards of the Black Circle had put a spell on that pet. She is in grave danger when her pet grows, but Brandon saves her. Thinking that Brandon has feelings for her, and he seems cute in her eyes, she kisses him on the cheek. This angers and makes Stella jealous.

Mitzi then attempts to ruin Stella and Brandon's relationship, but her efforts ultimately prove useless. She is always finding ways to be by Brandon. Mitzi becomes very jealous of Stella when she sees Brandon always by her.



Mitzi has long black hair, parted on one side. Along with fair skin and eyes covered with dark blue glasses. Mitzi wears a green tanktop with a single line being yellow in color with small cut-out sections going down the center. She also wears khaki capris.

Dark Fairy FormEdit

Mitzi's hair is worn in low pigtails, resembling Stella's original fairy form. Held with very thin silver pieces. Her glasses have turned a dark magenta color, while her outfit consist of a dark green tanktop with long pink un-attached sleeves, a purple skirt with dark green straps, and above the knee dark magenta stockings/socks and dark green boots with purple platforms.

Halloween CostumeEdit

Mitzi wears a dark purple-blue tanktop and skirt with very long pieces of cloth streaming from the skirt, along with knee length dark pink-purple pointed toe boots and a small pumpkin purse.