Trina Vega
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Portrayer: Daniella Monet
Katrina "Trina" Vega is one of the main characters on Victorious.

Trina is portrayed by Daniella Monet.


Even though she usually has good intentions and truly cares for Tori, Trina is materialistic, conceited, egotistical, and truly believes that stardom is her destiny. Unfortunately, while she behaves like an A-list star, she possesses the actual talent of a lower grade (which cost her to repeat senior year). She got into Hollywood Arts because of Sikowitz having visions because of the coconut milk he drank, as stated in How Trina Got In

In Survival of the Hottest, Trina showed her selfish side when she refused to share the water while they were all trapped in an RV. Trina may be likeable, but she is not an easy one to approach, or rather, she's not an easy person to get along with.

Ungrateful SideEdit

Trina showed her ungrateful side in The Birthweek Song, in which she didn't consider the song (You're the Reason) that tori sang for her birthday present that came from the heart, because Tori didn't pay any money for it, much to the dismay of Tori and Andre (the writer of the song). She was also shown to be annoying and harassing when she kept bothering Perez Hilton after he took back his camera that she stole from him in Wifi in the Sky. Trina to some extent thinks that she is popular but it is shown throughout most of the show that she isn't.

Grateful SideEdit

Trina loves her sister, despite their many squabbles. Trina got mad at Cat for using Grizzly Glue on Tori's face in Tori the Zombie. Trina also seemed worried when she warned Tori of the bush daisies in Tori Gets Stuck. Trina was particularly angry when Tori was unfairly imprisoned in Locked Up. In Helen Back Again, since she thought that Tori was getting kicked out of Hollywood Arts, Trina said she would consider a little bit of her "talent" if she could.


There are several running gags about Trina. She is easily angered, even when people aren't trying to offend her. She'll often remark, "I am so upset!" Another running gag is that she gets jealous when people are more talented than she is. For example, in the pilot, she implies that Andre is an average piano player when he is really very accomplished. She is also easy to anger when someone tells her she isn't as talented as she thinks she is; the review of her play was only positive because she forced Robbie to write it like that.


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